About the Program

With the theme “Powering Change” , the Australian Energy Storage Conference (AES) 2021 is proud to return to Adelaide in partnership with the Government of South Australia, Adelaide Convention Bureau and Adelaide Convention Centre. Throughout the years, the Australian Energy Storage Conference has transformed with industry and markets to best serve the commercial, utility, and industry delegates who attend this conference year after year, and 2021 will exemplify the maturation of the Australian market once again.

AES 2021 will continue to showcase the newest and most topical projects and innovations in this space whilst expanding to incorporate a focus on PPA’s, commercially sited renewable energy and energy efficiency projects helping to transition business, government, and networks towards 100% renewable energy.  This content will be featured in a third stream at AES 2021.

Conference topics include

Large Scale Energy Storage for Grid or Commercial Applications, including:

  • Innovative Commercial and Utility Battery Storage Case Studies
  • Thermal Energy Storage Solutions for Commercial and Utility Applications
  • Pumped Hydro, Mechanical and Kinetic Energy Storage Solutions
  • Hydrogen Energy Storage Case Studies and Industry Development
  • Commercial Renewable Energy plus Storage Case Studies

Distributed Energy Storage and DER Management, such as:

  • Microgrid and Hybrid energy solutions, both On and Off Grid             
  • Decentralized storage and VPPs for market participation
  • Supporting the grid with innovative storage solutions
  • Energy Management Software
  • Building local resiliency with on-site storage

Economics of Storage and Market Participation, following the money by:

  • Unlocking multiple revenue streams for grid storage
  • Building the energy storage business case without subsidies
  • Combining energy storage with Renewable Energy farms, challenges and achievements
  • Power Purchase Agreements and Off-Take Agreements –Testimonials

Regulatory Changes and Challenges, for the Grid of the Future:

  • Planning around Regulatory Barriers to Renewables plus Storage
  • Rules changes for integrating distributed energy resources with storage
  • New Rules for creating your own Standalone Power Systems (SAPS)
  • Transmission Infrastructure – impact of new intrastate interconnectors
  • Regulation to Stimulate Growth in the Uptake of Storage Solutions

Helping Australia’s Cities Go Renewable, including presentations addressing:

  • Renewable Energy PPA’s from a consumer or generator perspective
  • The benefit of PPA’s in development of large scale renewable energy
  • Commercial/government sited renewable energy case studies
  • Energy efficiency to enable higher renewable energy reliance