AES Alliance

About the Australian Energy Storage Alliance (AESA)

The Australian Energy Storage Alliance (AESA) is an information sharing and networking hub to promote the wide range of existing and emerging energy storage solutions that are available in Australia.

The vision of the AESA is for a clean energy future where low cost power is delivered, where and when it is needed, for consumers, for business, and for Australian industries to be competitive in the global marketplace.

It is free to join for companies and organisations in the electric power and electric transport industries and for individuals interested in innovative energy management solutions.

The mission of the AESA is to be an unbiased advocate and information hub, for the uptake of safe, clean and cost-effective energy storage in Australia and New Zealand.

The AESA goal is to be an effective vehicle for members active or interested in the energy storage sector by:

  • Networking and sharing information
  • Promoting member activities, successes and events
  • Sharing innovative ideas and case studies
  • Showcasing new economic models incorporating energy storage
  • Advocating for regulatory charge to support energy storage solutions, and
  • Providing relevant feedback from members to government and other organisations

AESA international partners are the California Energy Storage Alliance( CESA), the German Energy Storage Association (BCES), the India Energy Storage Alliance (IESA) and the China Energy Storage Alliance (CNESA).