Friday 14th June 2019

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The Changing Faces of Grid Scale Energy Storage

Jon Norman, President & COO, Hydrostor Inc. 

Hydrostor Angas A-CAES Project: Advanced Compressed Air Energy Storage offers a new technology pathway to flexibly-sited, long duration bulk storage for Australia

Dr Jordan Parham, Chief Operating Officer, 1414 Degrees

Grid scale and industrial storage – make your energy work harder for you. Secure and reliable electricity from thermal energy storage

Stephan Bauer, Head of Green Gas Technology, RAG Austria AG

Sun Storage Down Under(-Ground)

Best Practices from Germany Session

Valeska Gottke, Senior Expert for Communications and Markets, Germany Energy Storage Association 

More speakers to be announced!

11.15 - 11.45

Morning Tea

11.45 - 13.00

Mining Microgrids: Powering Industry

Juergen Zimmermann, Business Development and Technology Manager, ABB’s Global Centre of Competence for Microgrids

Microgrids for Mines: why storage for spinning reserve works

Kerim Mekki, Technical Director, Aurecon

Batteries to maximise solar PV generation in islanded mining systems; a case study of optimal battery sizing for a 50 MW solar planet connection

Transforming Energy Storage Economics

Aylin Cunsolo, Special Counsel, Baker McKenzie

The rise of power purchase and off-take agreements including energy storage

Samantha Hilliard, Analyst, Clean Horizon

Procurement of large-scale battery energy storage systems: filling the gap between vendors and buyers

Rob Fitzpatrick, CEO, Gelion

Gelion’s Zinc Bromide Gel Battery Technology

13.00 - 14.00


14.00 - 15.15

Unlocking Renewable Growth with Energy Storage

Gianpaolo Giuliani, Global Sales Director, Energy Storage. GE Renewable Energy

Unlocking the transition to a low-carbon, reliable electrical system with hybrid storage solutions

Jes Bonneborg, Executive Vice President, Aalborg CSP A/S

Overview and modelling of cost-effective thermal energy storage

Microgrids, Powering Change Globally

Ganesh Ganeshkumar, Territory Manager, Aus/NZ, Ecoult

Empowering Microgrids with Advanced Lead-Acid Technology

Claude Morris, Microgrid Technology Leader, GHD

International case studies on microgrid and utility scale energy storage: Common threads to optimise systems and monetise value 

Miguel Raimao, Vice President Mobile Pipeline, Hexagon Lincoln Inc

No Pipeline? No Problem! Sustainable storage and distribution solutions for renewable natural gas and green hydrogen

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Afternoon Tea

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