As the Australian Energy Storage Conference transitions to Adelaide 2018, it is important to explore and represent the many different applications, use cases, and technologies that make up the Energy Storage umbrella. This is not a ‘one size fits all’ technology, but rather a ‘solution to fit every situation,’ the common theme being the efficient use of energy.   In that vein, the theme of AES 2018 will be “Storing Energy for a Sustainable Future,” and take a wide focus on the technologies that will help us achieve this goal.

Topics for Submission:

  • Microgrid Case Studies (both on and off-grid)
  • Energy Storage for Peak Shaving/Load Shifting
  • Pumped Hydro Energy Storage
  • Mechanical Energy Storage (Flywheels and Compressed Air)
  • Thermal Energy Storage
  • Hydrogen (Electrolysis and Fuel Cell Case Studies)
  • Software Solutions for Energy Storage
  • Utility Energy Storage (Various Applications)
  • Flow Batteries
  • Energy Storage for Mining, Telecom, and Remote Communities
  • Future Technologies
  • Pacific Island Case Studies

As the experts in the industry, please do not confine yourselves to the listed topics above if you have an interesting case study on an alternate topic. All submissions will be reviewed and accepted based on merit.  Final session themes will be molded around the accepted presentations rather than the other way around.

Should you have any questions regarding the submission process or would like to discuss the conference topics, you are welcome to email Sam Staples,, +61 2 9556 7983.