Green Rhino Energy

Posted on June 5th, 2019 in News

Green Rhino Energy is a new global player in the emerging “Smarter Renewables” sector where combining a number of new technologies delivers a result far greater than the sum of the parts.  The Green Rhino solution to versatile, efficient and price-leading energy storage solutions comes from combining:

  • Lead Crystal Battery chemistry
  • Industry-leading, grid-certified inverters / chargers
  • State-of-the-art battery string management with Artificial Intelligence (AI)

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Lead Crystal Batteries

The heart of the Green Rhino system is the Lead Crystal Battery – a technology gaining widespread acceptance as the best deep cycle battery in existence.  The unique chemistry of the Lead Crystal battery was developed to overcome flaws of lead-acid, gel and AGM batteries including plate sulphation, active material loss, high water loss rate, serious acid pollution, poor low temperature performance, short life cycle, poor transport safety and poor high temperature performance.  The advanced chemistry created for Lead Crystal® Batteries addresses these issues.

When charged, the liquid electrolyte in Lead Crystal® Batteries transforms into a crystallized state leaving minimal free liquid electrolyte in the battery. The charged battery is effectively a dry battery.  This opens a wide range of installation applications, since the risk of electrolyte leakage is minimized.

The performance of Lead Crystal Batteries is exceptional, delivering very low cycle costs, safety benefits and extended life.

Inverters & Chargers

The charger and inverter systems use industry standard technology from leading suppliers such as Schneider and AIMS and the control technology is developed by Green Rhino to perfectly match the charge and discharge profiles of Lead Crystal Batteries.

All inverters are grid-certified for Australia.  The product range includes residential and commercial systems in single phase and three-phase formats and can be scaled from a few kWh up to multiple MWh storage capacity.  The systems integrate with solar, grid and diesel genset inputs and can be used as backup, peak shaving, peak shifting and diesel optimisation applications as well as for simple residential solar storage.

String Management, BMS and AI

The management of the battery string goes well beyond providing multi-stage charge profiles commonly seen in modern storage systems.  It manages the charge and discharge characteristics to perfectly match the chemistry of the battery and by doing this, the batteries’ capacity is maximised and, most importantly, the ideal cycle depth and stage times are employed to greatly extend the working life of the battery.

The use of an AI (Artificial Intelligence) Management Module provides predictive algorithms and online weather forecasting to get the most out of solar storage systems in combination with generators and grid power.

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