SA leading Australia’s energy revolution

Posted on February 7th, 2018 in News

South Australia has cemented itself as the leading state for renewables and energy storage

following the announcement of what will be the worlds largest virtual power plant, as well as an

innovative microgrid. The impact of these projects will be explored more at the Australian

Energy Storage Conference and Exhibition, running from 23-24 May, with early bird tickets now



Following the completion of the world’s biggest lithium-ion battery in the state in 2017, the South

Australian Government has now unveiled plans to build the world’s largest virtual power plant.


The $800 million project will involve the rollout of at least 50,000 home solar systems that, when

combined, will create a virtual power plant that generates 250MW of electricity.


Teaming up with Tesla founder Elon Musk, SA Premier Jay Weatherill said that under the plan,

24,000 housing trust homes are set to have new systems installed, with the aim of 50,000

households participating over the next four years.


The move is expected to cut electricity bills by 30 per cent.


The SA Produce Market also announced a project that will support the state’s transition to a

low-carbon energy system with the installation of 1600 solar panels and a large lithium-ion

battery in its facility at Pooraka.


The $10.5 million microgrid is understood to be the largest private solar PV system in SA.

The microgrid will comprise of a 4.2MWh lithium-ion battery, 2.5MW solar PV system and

2.5MW on-site generator, and at full capacity will generate enough electricity to power the

equivalent of 4500 homes.


The system will supply all of the wholesale market’s energy needs and will also feed surplus

power into the grid, relieving peak demand and putting downward pressure on prices.


SA is the place to be for energy storage conversations.


These renewable and energy storage projects are just a few examples that highlight SA’s

position at the global forefront of renewable energy and storage technology. This is why Adelaide is the perfect location for the fifth annual Australian Energy Storage

Conference and Exhibition (AES 2018).


The premier energy and battery storage event has just released tickets at early bird prices.

Given the excitement of new projects, this is the place to be to take a closer look at how projects

like these are impacting the sector, as well as other trends and technological advances that are

ensuring Australia’s renewable energy future.


As part of Adelaide’s commitment to renewable energy, AES 2018 will explore the huge

potential of emerging storage technologies and give delegates the chance to learn more about

SA’s leadership in the sector.


“I urge all those seeking to hasten the transition to a low-carbon future to attend the 2018

Australian Energy Storage Conference and Exhibition in Adelaide,” Mr Weatherill said.

Delegates will have the opportunity to hear a keynote presentation from Chairman of GFG

Alliance and majority shareholder of SIMEC Zen Energy, Sanjeev Gupta, who has become a

major player in the Australian energy sector.


Other speakers include Dr. William Golove, Vice President, Business Development at Amber

Kinetics; Mark Twidell, Director at Tesla; Rebecca Knol, Chief Executive Officer of the South

Australian Chamber of Mines and Energy; Simon Hackett, Non-executive Director and

Technology Evangelist, Redflow Limited; and Valeska Gottke, Senior Expert for

Communications and Markets at BVES, with more speakers to be announced.


AES 2018 will be the peak gathering of companies and experts whose products and technical

innovations are providing energy-storage solutions at the residential, commercial and grid



Conference registration for AES 2018 is now open. Register now for early bird conference

tickets or the free exhibition by visiting .