Alberto Tubella headshot

Alberto Tubella

Area Manager Australia Asia Pacific, Cegasa Portable Energy

Case Study: Hybrid system for an off-grid livestock farm with 3,000 heads of cattle

15.45 – 17.00 | Thursday 13 June 2019 

With an extensive background in highly technological industries (automotive, steelworks) Alberto is currently the Area Manager for Australia & Asia Pacific for CEGASA PORTABLE ENERGY, a European specialist in energy storage solutions. In Australia, he is responsible for CEGASA’s portfolio of zinc-air batteries for industrial applications and lithium-ion solutions for renewable energies and motive power. Sydney based, Alberto is dedicated to follow up and support all existing projects in the area.

Abstract Outline:

Technical studies estimate that an average producer cow consumes 516 kWh per year. In Europe, the cost of energy is a decisive factor that affects the competitive capacity of cattle farms, specially since their access to the grid is quite limited and requires a high investment. Off-grid systems have been the most used solution to the problem but until recently, they were fossil fuel based generating an additional set of problems.

A farm in the city of Lleida (Spain), with more than 3,000 head of cattle, decided to install a solar off-grid system to support their average consumption at peak hours of 180 kWh and reduce their annual 170,000 € fuel bill. The storage system designed by CEGASA fulfilled the required specifications by the client: use of the safest technology; modular and scalable in time; compact due to space constraints; total integration with all the selected equipment in the system.

This case study explains how this farm’s project reduced the fuel bills and achieved a 6 year return on investment.