Gianpaolo Giuliani

Global Sales Director, Energy Storage for GE Energy

Innovation in Grid Scale Energy Storage:  from the first generation hybrids to the Energy Reservoir design
Thursday 24 May 2018, 11:45 – 13:00

Gianpaolo Giuliani spent almost 19 years of his professional career to date in General Electric Company. He joined GE Oil & Gas after graduation in Mechanical Engineering from Politecnico di Torino, where he held increasing responsibility roles, shifting from technical to commercial orientation. End of 2013 he decided to expand his educational and job experience on rotating machinery and power generation, entering the energy management space as initiator and leader of the non-US business operations for the Energy Storage business, based in Italy. He actively managed the origination, finalization and execution of 5 turnkey battery storage projects, ranging between 150 kW and 41 MW size, across Europe. Recently, GE delivered a series of unique projects that are innovative in nature, such as the very first proven 33 MW black-starting battery storage system, or the two 10 MW hybrid controlled Battery Storage retrofitted Gas Turbine Generators, and recently announced the revolutionary Energy Reservoir design, that is, among other features, able to be shipped fully equipped with battery modules, or connected directly to DC bus of the panels in the Solar installations.

Abstract Outline:

“The next frontier of grid stabilization is driven by sustainable ways to decrease the overall electricity bill. As a first consequence, the grid scale energy storage applications are shifting from the mostly subsidized, diffused grid services to enhancing the energy efficiency in-situ, where energy generation and demand happen. General Electric and its customers have been early believers in this swing, developing innovative solutions such as the Gas Turbine Hybrid and, most recently, the Reservoir solution, that is especially designed to simplify and optimize the usage in connection with Renewable Sources. This session will showcase a few examples of real projects, where the advantages of Battery Storage solutions in conjunction with generation, in terms of project sustainability, are analyzed in depth.”