Greg Allen

Managing Director, Hydrostor Australia

Hydrostor Angas A-CAES Project: Advanced Compressed Air Energy Storage offers a new technology pathway to flexibly-sited, long duration bulk storage for Australia

10.00 – 11.15 | Friday 14 June 2019

Greg has 20 years of experience across a range of technology and engineering industries. Specifically, Greg has extensive business development and operational experience in the industrial plant and equipment, and solar and battery energy storage industries. Greg held the position of Chief Operating Officer at SOLCO Ltd (Formerly Solar Energy Systems Ltd), where he managed Solar Energy Systems from its infancy as a start-up ASX listed company including product development and quality control systems. Greg also held a Senior Management role at enGen (Energy Generation), a part of Wesfarmers Energy, which designed, constructed, operated and maintained off-grid diesel and gas power stations in remote locations under long term power supply agreements.

Prior to joining Hydrostor, Greg filled the role of Chief Operating Officer at Carnegie Clean Industry. At Carnegie, Greg was responsible for ensuring compliance with regulatory and commercial requirements for project development, project execution and the sale of power and water, including liaising with government and industry partners.

Abstract Outline: 

The Australian energy market continues to transform as market forces are driving increased uptake of renewable energy and the retirement of dispatchable, synchronous generation (e.g. fossil-fuel power plants). Within this transition, there is a growing requirement for advanced solutions and technological innovations that provide grid-scale storage, flexible capacity, and ancillary services. Long duration bulk-scale energy storage technologies such as A-CAES are ideally suited to replace aging grid infrastructure and integrate higher levels of renewable generation.

Hydrostor’s Angas Project, under construction at the closed Angas Zinc mine near Adelaide, South Australia, is the first Advanced Compressed Air Energy Storage (A-CAES) facility in Australia. The demonstration project repurposes existing underground mining infrastructure as the A-CAES system’s sub-surface air storage cavern, benefiting both the electricity grid in South Australia and the local community by converting an unused brownfield site into a clean energy project that drives economic development.

Jon will discuss Hydrostor’s Angas A-CAES project and the benefits the technology provides to the local energy grid. In addition, he will discuss key takeaways for the long-duration energy storage industry and what we can be doing to support the next steps in this transition.