Huon Hoogesteger headshot

Huon Hoogesteger

CEO, Smart Commercial Solar

Building Out Solar and Storage in Alice Springs Retail

10.00 – 11.15 | Friday 14 June 2019

Huon Hoogesteger is the founder and CEO of Smart Commercial Solar, one Australia’s leading commercial solar providers and energy analysts. He is a commercial solar pioneer who built an elite, math-centric team, developed sophisticated system monitoring and analytical processes, and created an innovation that allows businesses to get solar installations for no upfront costs while simultaneously lowering their electricity bills. He and his team have been Telstra Business Awards finalists, short-listed for the The Australian Shell Innovation Award and earned a top ten finish in Anthill’s annual awards. Huon’s vision is to raise the standard of the commercial solar industry, and to help solve Australia’s energy challenges.

Abstract Outline:

Huon Hoogesteger will walk the audience through a case study involving a major retailers decision to go solar in Alice Springs. He will outline how his team evolved the project from stand-alone solar (100kw grid-tied system) into a battery-enabled power station nearly ready to go off-grid. The case study will be supported by stunning aerial drone videos and graphs outlining the effect of the mix of systems (ac coupled with dc; now looking to add an ac-coupled battery to take the store off grid).