Juergen Zimmermann

Business Development and Technology Manager, ABB - Global Centre of Competence for Microgrids

Microgrids and Storage: Delivering Lower Energy Costs and Improved Supply Reliability
Thursday 24 May 2018 11:45 – 13:00

Juergen and has been involved in the development and construction of microgrids since 1991 and currently heads up Business Development and Technology for ABB’s Microgrid Solutions Global Centre of Competence. In his role, Juergen is responsible for developing new projects and innovative solutions on how microgrids can be deployed in off-grid and on-grid applications, as well as identifying new business opportunities across the world.

A real supporter of clean energy in his personal and professional life, Juergen has spent his career looking at how small and large economies can safely and economically integrate renewable energy into their power systems. Juergen was instrumental in developing high penetration wind/diesel systems in Mawson/Antarctica and solar/diesel systems in Marble Bar and Nullagine, WA. Working alongside project partners Ausnet and Samsung, Juergen and his team were also responsible for the deployment of Australia’s first mobile grid-integrated ‘network’ 1MW battery storage system.

Abstract Overview:
As the cost of distributed energy for residential and commercial/industrial customers continues to fall the need to integrate these new generators with the grid and customer loads increases. This is where the ability to operate Microgrids being an independent power system behind the meter is becoming increasingly important. Using grid stabilising and storage technology in combination with advanced automation and control the use of the distributed energy resources can be maximised in order to lower energy costs and increase supply reliability. The presentation will review two Microgrid business cases for offgrid as well as grid connected Microgrids and how they deliver a better value proposition to the end customer.