Kevin Moriaty

Executive Chairman, 1414 Degrees

Grid scale and industrial storage – make your energy work harder for you Secure and reliable electricity from thermal energy storage

With a 40+ year history of mining and oil exploration and development, and decades of experience at the helm of companies, Dr Kevin Moriarty has a proven record for building entrepreneurial ventures.

The Executive Chairman of Australian energy sector innovator and start-up, 1414 Degrees Ltd, Dr Moriarty has served as Director and Chairman of a number of companies listed on the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX). He has also founded and led several companies to develop mines in Australia and abroad.

Dr Moriarty has led 1414 Degrees for the past three years, guiding its vision and the development of industrial and grid-scale energy storage solutions set to revolutionise the global energy environment.

1414 Degrees raised $30 million in two years, including $16.3 million in its recent IPO. The crowd funding nature of this capital raising was unique in its approach, bypassing the traditional model of venture capital and institutional investment, resulting in an ASX listed start-up company with over 3,000 shareholders. The company is accelerating its plans for global growth and installing the first of its ground-breaking technology on commercial sites.

In the past Dr Moriarty served as Executive Chairman of Terramin Australia Ltd, founding President of Western Mediterranean Zinc Spa (Algeria), and founding Chairman and Director of Tarcoola Gold Ltd. He was also an honorary research fellow of Flinders University and the Australian National University, and a member of the Council for Australian Arab Relations. Dr Moriarty is a current member of the Australian Institute of Mining and Metallurgy and the Geological Society of Australia.