Matthew van der Linden

Director, Flow Power

The Role of Demand Response in Load Shifting for Energy Storage
Thursday 24 May 2018, 15:45 – 16:45

Matthew van der Linden is the Director of transformative energy retailer, Flow Power. Matthew’s vision is to transform the way Australian industry interacts with energy and to create better energy retail options.

Matthew has more than 20 years of experience working with Australian businesses to save them money on their energy bills. Ten years ago he saw the benefit that buying wholesale could deliver for customers and in turn established a electricity retailer to bring wholesale change to the market. Then known as Progressive Green and now as Flow Power, the business doubled in size in FY17 and continues to introduce more Australian businesses to a new way of powering their operations.

Abstract Overview:

From Texas to Japan, demand response is gaining momentum globally as governments recognise that it is not only a cost-effective means to managing demand at peak times but also a fail-safe contingency to avoid disruptive power outages.

But what does it mean for energy storage? Put simply, demand response supports load shifting and peak shaving activities. It allows businesses to save on power costs in periods of peak use and encourages businesses to invest in energy storage.

It is a simple idea that has the power to revolutionize Australia’s energy market. Instead of governments funding generators that go unused except at periods of peak demand, consumers are encouraged to reduce their energy use to alleviate demand on the grid and eliminate the need for these underutilised generators. Energy storage and demand response work hand in hand to give businesses the flexibility that they need to avoid peaks while maximising low-cost periods.

Since its beginnings in 2009, Flow Power has been driving the uptake of demand response with customers. By connecting customers to market signals, Flow Power hopes to change Australia’s energy market for the better. Flow Power has watched as Australia’s energy market has changed and hopes that an increased uptake of demand response and energy storage, will lead companies to a smarter and cleaner energy future.

At the 2018 Australian Energy Storage Conference, Matthew van der Linden, Managing Director of Flow Power, will address the following:

– The story so far of demand response in Australia
– Details on Flow Power’s demand response initiatives including the backstory and creation of the kWatch Intelligent Controller
– What demand response means for the energy storage sector and how it ties into load shifting activities
– The outcomes of demand response for Australia’s renewables sector
– Case studies on businesses that are using smart energy strategies like demand response to keep costs down