Noel Dunlop headshot

Noel Dunlop

Co-Founder, ANT Energy Solutions

Pathway to an Economical Green Hydrogen Future

10.00 – 11.15 | Friday 14 June 2019

Dr Noel Dunlop received his doctorate from The University of Melbourne in Chemistry and Chemical Engineering, sponsored by Rio Tinto’s energy group, and has an MBA in international management. He has 20 years of experience in translation of science and engineering products and processes both nationally and internationally. Noel is a co-founder of ANT Energy Solutions, which is now a leading hydrogen-based application company driving the uptake of hydrogen for energy, transport and industrial applications.

Abstract Outline:

Developments in green hydrogen power to gas projects are driving the price of green hydrogen closer to, or equivalent to, hydrogen produced from hydrocarbons. In this presentation Noel Dunlop will present a case study of renewably generated hydrogen for industrial applications in the chemical sector, the benefits of the technology, and the breadth of applications within the industrial and commercial sectors.  Energy storage is a critical part of a renewable energy future, and hydrogen plays a key role in dispatchable energy generated from renewables. ANT Energy Solutions is driving hydrogen-based solutions and is working on reducing the cost of both small and large-scale electrolysers for the economical generation of green hydrogen.