Owen Lock headshot

Owen Lock

Country Manager AU/NZ - Storage Solutions, Kokam

Energy Storage for Stability and Reliability: Alinta Energy Mt Newman BESS Case Study

11.45 – 13.00 | Friday 14 June 2019

Owen’s interest in the emerging Energy Storage industry saw him seek employment with S&C Electric Company in the industry’s infancy where he worked in a range of roles form field service engineer to regional Application director. Owen has a particular interest in emerging and complex BESS applications and technologies. Having worked with many battery technologies and deployed grid-connected Energy Storage systems in a wide range of applications, Owen has extensive insight into Energy Storage on both technical and commercial levels. Owen is a frequent speaker at industry events throughout the world and an active participant in the emerging Energy Storage industry in the Asia pacific region.

Abstract Outline:

Whilst many people think of Battery Energy Storage Systems as a means to shift energy from times of peak renewable generation output to times of peak load, it is rare that this use case is commercially viable outside of a residential environment. There is however one use-case where BESS is the stand-out  leader in terms of effectiveness positive business cases: grid stability and reliability. No other technology can match BESS when it comes to stabilising grids, from micro-grids to large-scale energy systems.

A prime example of this can be found in the 30MW/11MWh Spinning Reserve BESS system provided by Kokam for Alinta Energy at their Mt Newman power station in WA. A truly innovative project and winner of many engineering excellence awards, the Mt Newman BESS has paved the way for the adoption of BESS into stability & reliability applications in the mining sector as well as the broader adoption of the technology in traditional, large-scale utility grids.

The presentation will explore the performance of the Alinta Newman BESS since it was commissioned and the significance of the system in terms of future deployments of the technology.