Paul Rasmussen

Agribusiness and Energy Leader, Arup

How will Pumped Hydro change the NEM
Thursday 24 May 2018, 14:00 – 15:15

Paul is Agribusiness and Energy Leader at Arup and works closely with energy developers, technology providers and end users in the project generation, design and development. He has a particular focus on renewable energy generation and energy storage, with involvement across a range of generation and storage technologies.

Paul has occupied key design, development and technical roles within organisations that participate in each stage of the project development cycle including KBR, Veolia, John Holland, Sundrop Farms and most recently Arup. He has multi-disciplinary engineering experience on major projects in agribusiness, water, energy and waste and works with both processes and power systems. Paul views energy storage as an integral component of our present and future sustainable systems enabling energy solutions that are much better matched to end user requirements.

Abstract Outline:

As the volume of storage projects increase within the NEM the role of pumped hydro will increasingly change the dynamics of how each region operates both in terms on network infrastructure and generation infrastructure. The market is increasingly focused on dispatchable renewables or large scale storage providing firming to support grid stability.

This presentation will examine the future role of pumped hydro storage as a NEM solution including case studies of key Pumped Hydro developments in SA, VIC and NSW and discuss the implications for the direction on pumped hydro project in the near future.