Rajesh Mehta

Business Manager, Honeywell NEV (New Economy Verticals)

Maximising Return on Investment with Hydro Storage
Thursday 24 May 2018 10:00 – 11:15

Rajesh started his career as a Project Engineer in Power Generation Industry in India and has been working in Australia for last 17 years. His work experience spans various international technology suppliers that include ABB and Siemens and Engineering roles for companies such as BHP. Rajesh is currently working as Business Manager for Honeywell NEV (New Economy Verticals) and is passionate about the future of Renewable technologies and the potential to positively change our society.

Abstract Outline:
In this session Rajesh Mehta, Business Manager for New Economy Vertical from Honeywell willpresent a case study on a recent project that demonstrates how hydro storage and some innovativedesign reduced capital costs while providing an increase of ROI of some 50%. Hydro storage enabled the end user to “shift load” to improve energy costs and increase energy security. Rajesh will explore the feasibility study and how the technical and financial considerations resulted in the final project design and key outcome for the customer.