Raymond Schmid headshot

Raymond Schmid

Market Development Director, Nel/ProtonOnsite

The PTG Paradigm – Some Real Facts

15.45 – 16.45 | Friday 14 June 2019 

Raymond Schmid has been working in the hydrogen energy and renewable industry for the last 9 years, mainly involved in hydrogen energy storage, power to gas, fueling stations and industrial projects. He owns a MBA completed with a Renewable Energy Expert certificate. Previously he used to work in Finance, taking care of Institutional Investors.

Abstract Outline:
Hydrogen has caught attention from most countries in the world in the last few years. Industries, transport companies, utilities, the public, and politicians all start to see the huge potential of hydrogen to contribute to decarbonization, to build a new sustainable economy, and to boost growth and know-how. What most considered “uneconomical” for a long time have changed their mind with the understanding of sector coupling, and the increased reduction of cost for renewable electricity in many parts of the world, offering a strong push for green hydrogen. This presentation will give you more insights about real projects (although economics change according to geographical specifics) and the costs involved as well as the challenges that might be faced to setup such projects.  Case studies to include:

  • Green hydrogen for a steel plant in Sweden with a 4.5 MW alkaline electrolyser
  • A 2MW PEM system is Switzerland