Raymond Schmid

Market Development Director, NEL/ProtonOnsite

Creating a Hydrogen Economy
Thursday 24 May 2018 10:00 – 11:15

Raymond Schmid has been working in the hydrogen energy and renewable industry for the last 9 years, mainly involved in hydrogen energy storage, power to gas, fueling stations and industrial projects. He owns a MBA completed with a Renewable Energy Expert certificate. Previously he used to work in Finance, taking care of Institutional Investors.

Abstract Outline:
Nel Atmospheric Alkaline and PEM water electrolysers have been developed and commercially operated for the last 90 years. Already in the 1920’s, atmospheric alkaline electrolysers where used to produce green hydrogen from hydroelectricity for industrial applications. Such technologies not only offers to optimize the power grid with peak shaving, load shifting services and transmission investment deferral, but also creates an integrating industrial, transport, gas and power sector; offering full flexibility and greening the entire economy.

A hydrogen economy offers more than a battery like energy storage system that focuses on storing and releasing energy only. It creates a new paradigm serving the interests of all and creating bridges between industries to offset the negative effects of each.

The presentation will lead you through three case studies involving Frequency Regulation, Fueling and Injection in the Natural Gas Grid.