Stephen Bauer headshot

Stephan Bauer

Head of Green Gas Technology, RAG Austria AG

Sun Storage Down Under(-ground)

10.00 – 11.15 | Friday 14 June 2019

Stephan completed a university degree in civil engineering, has project management in infrastructure development projects and joined RAG in 2008.

He has been involved in power to gas issues since 2011, development and project management of the Underground Sun Storage project and development and Project Management of the Underground Sun Conversion project.

Abstract Outline: 

In energy systems based on renewable generation, balancing climatic variations and providing security of supply usually needs storage options of TWh-scale, which is typically provided by underground gas storage facilities.

This was the starting position for two major flagship projects in Austria.

  • Underground Sun Storage
  • Underground Sun Conversion

Both projects are based on the power to gas concept in which electricity is converted via electrolysis to hydrogen.

The Underground Sun Storage projects focuses on hydrogen storage in depleted natural gas reservoirs.

The Underground Sun Conversion Project is based on a microbial methanation process taking place in such reservoirs.