Terry Daly headshot

Terry Daly

Director Energy Programs, Department of Planning and Environment, NSW Government

Transforming the energy landscape in NSW

9.00 – 9.55 | Friday 14 June 2019

Terry has an extensive track record of driving technology innovation and delivering strategic transformation programs in the IT&T and energy industries. Most recently this has been the development of a number of key energy programs for the NSW Government to manage the future state network that is dominated by a high penetration of distributed energy resources including batteries and renewables.

Prior to this Terry was responsible for the sector wide transformation strategy for all NSW Public Safety Agencies as part of the Public Safety Mobile Broadband program. This includes the business case and transformation strategy to introduce a digital field capability and associated mobile applications.

Terry has also led the most comprehensive suite of emerging energy technologies in Australia due to his management of the consumer-side technology work stream within Ausgrid’s $500 million Smart Grid, Smart City (SGSC) initiative. There he program managed the development and deployment of the full range of emerging technologies including smart metering, telecommunications networks, a suite of digital customer applications, electric vehicles, micro-generation, storage and load control.

Abstract Outline:

The energy sector in NSW is undergoing significant change. Energy is now a front-of-mind issue for households and businesses, and the NSW Government is rolling out a suite of clean energy initiatives to increase energy reliability, affordability and sustainability.

Energy storage will play a key role in transforming this sector, and the NSW Government is committing to supporting this technology. This presentation provides an overview of a number of NSW Government clean energy programs involving batteries, and discusses the role they play in shaping the energy future of NSW.