Submit Your Abstract

2020 submissions have been sought on, but not limited to, the following topics:

Large Scale Energy Storage for Grid or Commercial Applications, including:

  • Innovative Commercial and Utility Battery Storage Case Studies
  • Thermal Energy Storage Solutions for Commercial and Utility Applications
  • Pumped Hydro, Mechanical and Kinetic Energy Storage Solutions
  • Hydrogen Energy Storage Case Studies and Industry Development
  • Commercial Renewable Energy plus Storage Case Studies

Distributed Energy Storage and DER Management, such as:

  • Microgrid and Hybrid energy solutions, both On and Off Grid
  • Decentralized storage and VPPs for market participation
  • Supporting the grid with innovative storage solutions
  • Energy Management Software
  • Building local resiliency with on-site storage

Economics of Storage and Market Participation, following the money by:

  • Unlocking multiple revenue streams for grid storage
  • Building the energy storage business case without subsidies
  • Combining energy storage with Renewable Energy farms, challenges and achievements
  • Power Purchase Agreements and Off-Take Agreements –Testimonials

Regulatory Changes and Challenges, for the Grid of the Future:

  • Planning around Regulatory Barriers to Renewables plus Storage
  • Rules changes for integrating distributed energy resources with storage
  • New Rules for creating your own Standalone Power Systems (SAPS)
  • Transmission Infrastructure – impact of new intrastate interconnectors
  • Regulation to Stimulate Growth in the Uptake of Storage Solutions

Helping Australia’s Cities Go Renewable, including presentations addressing:

  • Renewable Energy PPA’s from a consumer or generator perspective
  • The benefit of PPA’s in development of large scale renewable energy
  • Commercial/government sited renewable energy case studies
  • Energy efficiency to enable higher renewable energy reliance

Abstract submissions for the 2020 Australian Energy Storage Conference have closed, however there may be a small number of speaking opportunities still available.

For more information on any remaining speaking opportunities, please contact Sam Staples, Conference Program Manager, at +61 2 9556 7983 or via email at