“Great event, always good to see and hear what new products and changes are coming to the industry.”

Richard Sosa, Marketing Manager, Asia Pacific, S&C Electric Company

“The conference and exhibition was a real turning point in the pathway of the energy and grid transformation. One could feel the buzz and energy in the rooms and exhibition hall where everyone had real project opportunities and wanting to discuss and explore how Microgrids could help deliver those.”

Juergen Zimmermann, Business Development and Technology Manager, ABB

“It is exciting to be at the forefront of an emerging industry and to showcase our products to that industry.”

Margret Leeftink, Area Manager, Australia, NZ & Pacific, Victron Energy

“AES is a meeting place for the storage sector. It’s a great place to stay engaged!”

Brian Power, Director, ANT Energy Solutions. 

“Again a great exhibition with plenty of offerings across the major energy storage mediums and also some cutting edge technologies starting to come through.”

Matt Power, Executive Director, Sustainable Healthcare

“Great opportunity to meet industry suppliers and see their products, discuss projects and broaden industry knowledge.”

David Chand, Senior Electrical Engineer, WEBB AUSTRALIA ACT

“Energy storage has become increasingly important and will definitely be a big part of our future life. The yearly Australian Energy Storage Conference & Exhibition event is a major step to help educate people about the importance of energy storage and also provide an update on the steadfast progress of the energy storage industry.”

Zack Wong, Electrical Engineer, Hurley Palmer Flatt

 “Well coordinated and managed show and there were many opportunities to network with key players in the industry.”

Manish Mistry, National Sales Manager – Standby Power Division, Century Yuasa Batteries 

“A great event for a growing city of Adelaide. South Australia usually misses out on a lot of high class events. Involvement breeds ideas!”

Ashley Gaghan, Director, Nu-Gen Power and Storage Pty Ltd




“The Australian Energy Storage Conference exhibition is the premier Australiasian event in the industry. I have been consistently impressed with the caliber of the event and its participants, and highly recommend it to those interested in Australia as one of the top global markets for energy storage.”

Mark Higgins, COO, Strategen Consulting 

“The AES Conference and Exhibition provides a great opportunity to see the latest offerings and meet with key participants in the dynamic field of storage and integration. The diversity in offerings alongside the exhibition provides something for everyone.”

Renate Egan, Chair, APVI 

“The organizers put together a first-class conference program and combined it with a trade show that provided many high-quality business contacts.”

Jim McDowall, BDM North America, Saft Batteries 

 “As an active follower of the developments of battery storage technologies, during the conference, I am fascinated by the exponential and almost daily growth of the associated industries.”

Nesimi Ertugrul, A/Prof, University of Adelaide  

“Useful as a networking tool, a good way to get a ‘finger on the pulse’ of the industry.”

Jadd Cabbabe, Spotless

“Able to gauge the current market and technology status and benchmark of battery storage systems. Very interesting. Lots of useful and insightful presentations outlining some of the challenges and the steps being taken to meet them.”

Marcus Cheng, Veolia

“The Australian Energy Storage Conference & Exhibition provides the most accessible and comprehensive status of the industry within Australia and internationally. The networking opportunities are also invaluable.”

Dr Ian Watkins, Managing Director, Adreeme 

“There is no doubt the Energy Storage Conference will recharge your knowledge and ability to respond to this growing industry.”

Gordon Fraser, NSW Office of Environment and Heritage

“AES has been a great opportunity to connect with Industry leaders and local key stakeholders.  Following this conference, we are close to finalizing a partnership with Adelaide University and SA Government for an R&D project around Hydrogen Storage.”  

Thomas Padovani, General Manage, PadoTech 

“AES is always my go-to event for the latest information and networking opportunities in the energy storage sector.”

Dr Ian Watkins, Chief Technology Officer, Ianventor

“Excellent coverage of the state of large-scale battery technology and associated renewable technology.” 

Eugene Lamnek, Senior Software Engineer, SA Water